It says "Oooo" (captianwench) wrote in bloody_wankers,
It says "Oooo"

Just so you guys can get to you one of your mods a bit better, heres MY app. Accept/Reject me for fun. Be a bitch if you want to get on my bad side xD.

Name: Anna
Age: 14
Location: Washington State
Gender: Female
Sexual Orentation Straight
Status: Single

1. Cake
2. Von Bondies
3. Franz Ferdinand
4. Strokes
5. Muse (lots more! xD)

Hated bands/singers
2. Britany
3. Ashlee
4. Hilary Duff ( tch like she can sing..crack whore)
5. Simple Plan

Movies/TV shows
2. Will & Grace 3. Ghost World
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Resident evil ( one and two)

1. Harry Potter books for all..

Author/poet: Jk rowling

Actor/actress Sandra Bullock, Topher Grace

Tell us what you think ...
about gay marriage: It's about love not whether your wifes name is Tom.
about drugs: Use at your own descretion.
about cliques: Lame.
about Bush: I thought I was stupid?!
about abortion: It's up to you not the government.

For shits and giggles
And the amusement of the loved Mods.
How much will you rock us with your pics?: Tch look in the user info. You tell me.
Which of the Mods would you do for free?: All of them except myself.
Tell us your dirty little secret..: I'd kiss a chick. If you paid me.
What Mods is your favorite?: All of them xD
Vegetarian?Not?: Yesh.
Have any piercings? Tattoos?: 2 piercings in my ears. Debating if i should pierce my eyebrow or not.
What's your sign?: Aquarious
If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?: Wendy.
Your dream stripper name is..?: Me love you long time ( I couldn't help myself)
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?: Damn right! And it's better than yours.
Last resort....Areopostale or Hollister? ( tough one I know): God why did I do this trick question?

<3 Your mod, Anna
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