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Katy (the Irish one or #2)

Name: Katherine anne Hampton or Katy
Age: 14 going on 15
Location: The Couve, WA
Gender: I currently am female
Sexual Orentation Straight as a ball... a deflated ball
Status: I without a sexual partner at the moment

1. Alkaline Trio
2. Van Halen
3. AC DC
4. Brand New

Hated bands/singers
1. Avril Lavinge
2. Good Charlotte
3. Simple Plan
4. Evanesance
5. Ashlee Simpson

Movies/TV shows
1. Hannibal Lector Movies
2. Mystery Science Theatre
3. Not Another Teen Movie
4. Broken Lizard movies (Super Troopers, Club Dread, etc.)
5. EuroTrip (this isn't where I parked my car)

1. Invisible Monsters
2. Choke
3. Fight Club
4. Lullabye
5. Catcher in the Rye

Author/poet: Chuck Palahniuk

Actor/actress Christopher Guest/Johnny Depp

Tell us what you think ...
about gay marriage: completely pro. Bush fucks up the constitution too much on this one. 1 all men have the right to happiness. 2 seperation of church and state (main argument of the anti-gay people is the bible says it isn't "right). I hate bush for many reasons, this being the top.
about drugs: the wild part of me loves them, the practical side of me knows they are bad and dangerous. I am tolerant of most but I hate heroin. It has killed too many good people.
about cliques: I like all cliques except the ones who ruin people's lives... you know which I'm talking about.
about Bush: HATE HIM, he hasn't done anything right. He's putting our country in debt and ruining it's reputation. Canada looks so good right now.
about abortion: I am against killing innocent babies, but it needs to be there for women who would kill themselves to kill the child.

For shits and giggles
And the amusement of the loved Mods.
How much will you rock us with your pics?: I will rock the hizouse or scare the hell out of you.
Which of the Mods would you do for free?: I pay for Anna
Tell us your dirty little secret..: I had cyber sex with a guy while chatting with Anna... haha it was hilarious.
What Mods is your favorite?: Anna... cause she is special
Vegetarian?Not?: sometimes I am, like I will go several months without meat but then have some...
Have any piercings? Tattoos?: standard ear piercings, alkaline trio heart oh leg, and fuck on knuckles, both tattoos are scars and the story behind the fuck is funny, I'll share later.
What's your sign?: Sag. I think
If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?: Betty, Elizabeth, or Brody
Your dream stripper name is..?: Boobalicious teehee
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?: and they're like it's better than yours.
Last resort....Areopostale or Hollister? ( tough one I know): Hollister... it's the natural way of things.

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What makes you a bloody wanker?: Because I bloody am.

Show us your face love.3 good pics of your sexyness.</center>

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