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bloody_wankers's Journal

Bloody hell! Bloody wankers!
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Welcome to bloody_wankers . This community will only allow posting by members. You must apply to become a member of this community. This community does NOT revolve around The OC, Ashlee Simpson and other lame shit like that. Please take time and thought before you submit your application since you will NOT be able to re-apply. Read over the rules carefully and don't waste our time. The first 7 applications will be accepted unless we really don't like you. And a note: To prove to us you did indeed READ THIS answer the question "What makes you a bloody wanker" with "Because I bloody am". And title your lj cuts, "Newest hooker on the corner" because I want to see you call youself a hooker.

x Do not promote other comunities here untill you have been stamped as a member.

x Du not spel leck dis. We do not want illterate bastards in our community                                                                                         

x No bashing on members or mods. Mods are your best friends, your gods, your masters. Don't piss us off. It's not recommened.

x Please wait at least 2 days untill you get stamped before you have a hissy fit about not being a member.

x MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS ALL THE WAY! No short pathetic answers, thanks.

x Please promote like a crack whore blows for crack and have fun.


Please remember that I am no longer accpeting any more mods after army_of_death  Sorry loves but that's just how it works.</p>

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Katy aka Kae aka fuckme_imirish

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